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About Us

Who are we?

We are Avengers Hospitality Group, a subsidiary of Burgess Brothers aimed at delivering medically-tailored meals to individuals in need. We utilize the best ingredients to deliver meal plan options that combat Non-Communicable Diseases like Diabetes, Renal Failure and Hypertension.  We partner with major healthcare providers (Anthem, HealthNet and Kaiser Permanente) to offer healthy meal options to their membership body.

What do we do?

Meals are shipped and delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours of processing your order.  Whether you are a member of our Provider Partners or not, we promptly process, fulfill and deliver your freezer-ready meals.

Questions?  We have answers!

Meet Our Team

These are the people that make the magic happen! Please meet our leadership team below who make the dream of delivering healthy food to curb non-communicable diseases a reality!

Our Story

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John and Matthew Burgess are the inventors of the ChurWaffle Iron and the increasingly popular ChurWaffle mix, made from a recipe inspired by the brothers’ grandmother’s cornbread.  The ChurWaffle has made its way from Sacramento into fritters and black bean corn cakes in the dining halls of Harvard University.  The brothers have grown a lucrative operation through which they sell barbecue sauce, smoked sausages, premade meals and bulk products for food-service operations.

John and Matthew come from a long line of entrepreneurs.  Their California roots go back to 1850, when their then-enslaved great-great-grandfather, Rufus Burgess, was brought to Coloma from New Orleans to mine gold. He was freed soon after he arrived, found enough gold to purchase a parcel of farmland and sent for his wife and son, who had been sold to a slave owner in Kentucky.  The Burgess family would eventually own more than 88 acres in Coloma, which included orchards, a blacksmith shop, a church and gold-bearing hills.

It is from this legacy that Jon and Matthew are inspired to use their natural gifts to serve others.  It is well known that non communicable diseases result in the deaths of well over 17 million people under the age 70 per year globally. To fight this, the brothers have joined up with health care providers to tackle NCDs through nutrition. healthy ingredients and first-class facilities.   


  • Is there a minimum number of meals I must order? 
    Yes the minimum number of meals depends on your provider.
  • Do I have to be a member of your healthcare networks to order your meals?
    No, as a non-member, you can order directly from our website.
  • Who qualifies for covered meals?
    We have partnered with large healthcare providers who wish to make our meals available for their members. So far, members of Anthem, Health Net, and Kaiser Permanente members are eligible for coverage for our medically-tailored meal plans.
  • Can I pay to have meals shipped to a family member? 
    Yes. However, a screening for allergies and meal needs must occur with a healthcare provider or private physician prior to service. 
  • Can I have hot ready to eat meals delivered? 
    Delivery of hot meals is determined on a case by case basis. There is a greater chance of hot meal delivery when there are multiple people living in a community requesting for hot meals to be delivered.  

Our Healthcare Group Partners

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Contact Us


Tel. 916-333-7388


Avengers Hospitality 

6580 Belleau Wood Lane

Sacramento CA. 95822


Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM  - 5:30 PM


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